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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 345 benefitted by his spiritual teachings and counsels,) to undertake the task of meeting the said Tapia, and exam- ining the orders of your Majesty ; and since he knew better than any one what the royal interests required, as well as those of the country, that he would give such directions to the said Tapia as he deemed most proper, from which he knew I would not deviate in the least de- gree. I made this request in the presence of your Ma- jesty's treasurer, who joined his solicitations to mine. He accordingly departed for the town of Vera Cruz, where the said Tapia was ; and in order that suitable attentions might be paid to the Inspector, either in the town, or wherever they should meet, I despatched with the padre two or three respectable persons from my companions, and when they had gone I waited the issue. In the mean time, I employed myself in regulating the affairs of my command, and in such a way as best to promote your Majesty's interests, and the peace and security of these parts. In ten or twelve days after, the magistrate and muni- cipality of Vera Cruz wrote me, that the said Tapia had exhibited the orders of your Majesty, and of your gover- nors acting in the royal name, which they had treated with all suitable reverence ; but that as to the execution of the orders, they had answered, that since the most of the government were with me, having been concerned in the siege of the city, they should be informed of them, and in the mean time they would do whatever the service of your Majesty and the good of the country required ; this answer, they added, was received by the said Tapia with great displeasure, and he had since attempted some scandalous things. Although this intelligence occasioned me some regret, I answered them, and begged and en-