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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 347 to return, and they all went together to the city of Cem- pual, where Cristobal de Tapia presented your Majesty's orders, which all received with the respect due to your Majesty. In regard to their execution, they said that they asked some delay of your Majesty, as demanded by the royal interests, for causes and reasons contained in their petition, and more fully set forth therein ; which the deputies from New Spain carried, signed by a public notary. After some other acts and proceedings between the inspector and the deputies, he embarked in his own ship, as he had been requested to do ; since from his re- maining, and having published that he had come as go- vernor and captain of these parts, there would have been disturbances ; the people of Mexico and Temixtitan hav- ing designed in connexion with the other natives of the country to revolt, and having plotted a great treason which would have been more dijSicult to meet than the former. The plan was as follows : some Indians in this part of Mexico concerted with others in the provinces which the alguazil mayor had gone to reduce, that they should come to me in great haste, and report " that twenty ships with many people had arrived on the coast, but had not come into the harbor ; and that as they could not be friendly, if I would go and ascertain what they were, they would put themselves in readiness, and engage in the war as my auxiUaries" ; and for the purpose of creating belief in their account, they brought me a representation of the ships on paper. As they had sent me this infor- mation secretly, I immediately knew their motive, which was bad, and that it was a plan to get me out of this pro- vince ; for some of their principal persons had known several days before my intention to go, but finding that I remained, they had sought this mode of inducing me to