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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 349 In a former part of this relation, I informed your Ma- jesty that the captain whom I sentto conquer the province of Guaxaca, had succeeded in reducing it to subjection, and was waiting there for further orders from meĀ ; and since there was need of his presence elsewhere, on ac- count of his being alcalde and deputy of the town of Se- gura la Frontera, I wrote him to deliver the men and horse under his command to Pedro de Alvarado, whom I had sent to conquer the province of Tatutepeque,* which is forty leagues beyond Guaxaca, adjoining the sea, whose inhabitants had waged a mischievous war against those provinces that professed'allegiance to your Majesty, and also against the province of Tecoatepeque, because we had been allowed to pass through its territory for the purpose of discovering the South Sea. Pedro de Alva- rado left this city on the last of January of the present year, [1522,] and with the men he took from here, and those that joined him in Guaxaca, his whole force amount- ed to forty horse and two hundred foot, including forty archers and musketeers, and two small field pieces. In twenty days from the time of his departure, I received a letter from him while on his route to the province of Ta- tutepeque, in which he informed me that he had taken certain spies, natives of that province, who, on being questioned, said that the cacique of Tatutepeque with his people was expecting him in the field. He also stated that he was going with the determination to do the utmost in his power to reduce that province, for which end he had with him besides the Spaniards a large and effective force of na- tive troops. While waiting with much anxiety the success of this expedition, on the fourth of March in the same year,

  • Tuxtepeque, in Guatemala.