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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 355 this confirmed, that the said caciques and natives may- serve, and yield to every Spaniard to whose hands they are committed what is necessary for his support. This plan was adopted with the advice of persons who had and still possess much intelligence and experience in this country ; a better could not be pursued, either for the support of the Spaniards, or the preservation and kind treatment of the Indians, as will more fully appear in the reports of the deputies that go from New Spain to your Majesty. Instead of rents of farms and lands your Majesty will possess the revenues of provinces and cities which are better and more convenient. I beg your Ma- jesty to command such a provision to be made as may most promote your Majesty's service. Most Catholic Sire, God our Lord preserve and aug- ment the life and very royal person and powerful state of your Imperial Majesty with an increase of as much greater realms and seignories as your royal heart may desire. From the city of Cuyoacan, in this New Spain of the Ocean-sea, the fifteenth of May, 1522. Most Powerful Sire, the very humble servant and vas- sal of your Imperial Majesty, who kisses the very royal feet and hands of your Majesty. HERNANDO CORTES.