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360 LETTERS OF CORTES. Highness, that the proposed town was accordingly set- tled, and all that region with its various provinces redu- ced to a state of peace. I afterwards despatched an ad- ditional number of men to the same quarter, with orders to the alguazil mayor to continue his route along the coast as far as Guazacualco, which is fifty leagues from Me- dellin, and one hundred and twenty from this city ; to which during my former residence in this city, in the life- time of MuteczLima, its lord, I sent Diego de Ordas, who is now at your Majesty's court ; as I constantly labored to obtain all possible information about that region, in order to communicate it to your Majesty. Ordas was rece4ved with the utmost good will by the nobles and native inhabitants, who submitted themselves as vassals and subjects of your Highness. He also ascertained the existence of a large river that flowed through the province and discharged into the sea, with a good harbor for ships at its mouth, which he and the rest of his party had sounded ; the adjacent country was also found suitable for a colony. On account of the want of harbors on this coast, it was desirable to find a good one, where a settle- ment might be formed. I commanded the alguazil mayor, that before he en- tered the province he should despatch from its borders certain persons, natives of this city, indicated by me, as messengers to inform the inhabitants that he had gone there in obedience to my orders, and to ascertain whether they were favorably disposed towards your Majesty's service and our alliance, as they had shown themselves on a former occasion ; assuring them it was in conse- quence of the wars in which I had been engaged with the lord of this city and his tributaries, that I had neg- lected sending persons to visit them for so long a time ;