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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 363 the province, who lodged them in that city, provided them with every thing necessary for their subsistence, and gave them about three thousand marcs of silver al- loyed with copper, being half silver; also about five thousand pesos of gold alloyed with silver in no definite proportion ; together with cotton cloth, and other things that they had ; all which, after deducting a fifth part for your Majesty, was distributed amongst the Spaniards of the party. Nevertheless, our people were not sufficiently pleased with the country to be willing to settle in it, and some of them making a disturbance were punished for their disorderly conduct. I therefore caused those to return who desired, and the rest I ordered to go with a captain to the South Sea, where I had and still have a town, called Zacatula,* one hundred leagues from Hui- cicila ; I have also at the same place four ships on the stocks, for the purpose of making discoveries on the sea to the utmost extent of my power, and to promote the service of God our Lord. While this captain and his detachiment were on their way to the city of Zacatula, they received accounts of a province called Coliman, situated fifty leagues to the west of their route ; and the whole party, accompanied by many of our allies ofMechuacan, proceeded towards it without my permission ; but having advanced some days on the march, they had several engagements with the inhabitants, and although numbering forty horse, more than a hundred foot, bowmen and others armed with sword and buckler, they were routed and driven out of the country ; three Spaniards and many of the allies were killed ; and the rest took refuge in the city of

  • This place still retains its original name ; it is a small seaport on the Pacific

Ocean, north of Acapulco.