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364 LETTERS OP CORTES. Zacatula. As soon as I heard of this disaster, I ordered the captain to be brought back under arrest, and pun- ished for his disobedience. Having already informed your Imperial Majesty that I had sent Pedro de Alvarado to the province of Tutute- peque,* on the South Sea, I have only to add that he arrived there, and made prisoners of the cacique and his son, who presented him with specimens of gold from the mines and pearls ; this is all the information I have received to the present time. Your Highness will recol- lect that in answer to the accounts this officer forwarded to me on a former occasion, I ordered him to seek imme- diately in that province a convenient location for a colony, and to establish one there ; and I also ordered that the inhabitants of the town of Segura de la Frontera should remove to this place, since there was no necessity of another town so near. This change accordingly took place, and the town was called Segura la Frontera, in- stead of that which had existed under the same name. The natives of this province and of Guaxaca, Coaclan, Coasclahuaca, Tachquiaco, and others in the vicinity, were distributed amongst the citizens of that town, where they served, willingly rendering themselves use- ful ; and Pedro de Alvarado remained there as magis- trate and captain in my place. It happened while I was engaged in the conquest of Panuco, as I shall hereafter relate to your Majesty, that the alcaldes and regidores of this town asked Pedro de Alvarado to go as their deputy to make certain negotiations with me, to which he con- sented ; and in his absence the alcaldes and regidores formed a sort of league and company, convoking the

  • Situated to the south of Mechuacan, in Oaxaca. There was a place of the

same name in Puebla.