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366 LETTERS OF CORTES. there being no necessity for it. Thus chastised for their past delinquency, the inhabitants have been so completely subdued, that they even come to this city in obedience to orders they receive. As soon as this city of Temixtitan vv^as recovered with the country subject to it, two provinces were re- duced to the imperial crown of your Csesarean Majesty, situated forty leagues to the north, on the borders of the province of Panuco, called Tututepeque and Mezclitan.* They comprised a country of considerable strength, not unused to the exercise of arms against the enemy, whom they have around them on all sides. Having witnessed our dealings with the Panucans, and that no obstacle was sufficient to arrest the progress of your Majesty, they sent messengers to me, and offered themselves as subjects and vassals of your Majesty ; as such I received them in the royal name of your Majesty, and they main- tained their allegiance until after the coming of Christo- bal de Tapia. At that time, not only tumult and con- fusion were caused in other provinces, but this people also refused to render the obedience they had promised, and had done much injury to their neighbors who were vassals of your Catholic Majesty, burning many towns and destroying many lives. Although at this conjunc- ture I had no surplus of people to scatter among so many places, yet seeing that great evil would result from not checking this disaffection, and fearing that the neighbor- ing people would unite with them, to avoid injurious consequences I despatched a captain with thirty horse, a hundred foot, bowmen, musketeers, and buckler-men, together with a large force of our allies ; several engage-

  • The former in Puebla, and the latter to the north of the city of Mexico.