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368i; LETTERS OF CORTES. by reasoQ of the poverty of the lajad, as J have remarked, yet it is better it should be in a state of quiet than cause our friends any uneasiness ; and for still greater security I have removed to it some of the natives of this region. At this time, invincible Caesar, there arrived at the port and town of Espiritu Santo, of v^hich I have made mention on a preceding page, a very small brigan- tine from Cuba, and in it one Juan Bono de Quejo, who had accompanied the expedition of Panfilo de Nar- vaez to this country as master of one of the ships ; and it appeared by the despatches that he brought, that he cauje by command of Don Juan de Fonseca, Bishop of Burgos, in the belief that Christobal de Tapia, whom he had contrived to have made governor of it, was here. Lest he should meet with obstacles, as he feared, for the manifest reason that led him to fear it, the Bishop sent him to the island of Cuba to communicate with Diego Velasquez, as he had done, who had given him the bri- gantine in which he arrived. This Juan Bono brought about one hundred letters of the same tenor, signed by the bishop, some of which I believe were with blank directions, in order that Juan Bono might give them to such persons as were here, and he thought best ; the purport of these letters was, that they would much ad- vance the service of your imperial Majesty by giving the said Tapia a favorable reception, for which they would obtain a great reward ; that they should be in- formed that by serving with me they were acting against the wishes of your Excellency j and many other things sufficiently calculated to excite sedition and disaffection. To me he wrote another letter of the same general tenor, to which he added that if I would obey the said Tapia I should receive marked rewards from your Majesty ;