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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 369 but if not, that I might deem it certain you would con- sider me a mortal enemy. The arrival of this Juan Bono and the letters he brought produced such an effect on the people with me, that I assure your Majesty if I had not pacified them by explaining the cause of the bishop's writing in this way, and leading them to disre- gard his threats, at the same time declaring that the greatest service your Majesty could receive, and for which you would bestow the greatest recompense, would be to prevent the bishop or any of his people from inter- fering with these regions, as it was his intention to con- ceal the truth from your Majesty, and to seek rewards here without your Majesty knowing what you were be- stowing — I should have had difficulty enough to keep them quiet, especially when I was informed, although I feigijed ignorance at the time, that they proposed, (as fears were felt in regard to their pay,) to have a council here as well as in Castile, that your Majesty might be informed of the truth ; since the bishop had so much to do in this business, that their representations did not reach the knowledge of your Highness ; as he held the offices in the board of trade at Seville in his own control, where their messengers had been ill treated, their re- ports, letters and money taken from them, and all succors of men, arms and provisions withheld. But by ac- quainting them with what I have stated above, and assuring them that your Majesty knew nothing of any o those things, and that they might be satisfied your High- ness would reward them for their services in such a manner as good and loyal subjects who served their king and lord as they had done, deserved ; I succeeded in calming their fears, and they became and still are content with the arrangements your Highness com-