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370 LETTERS OF CORTES. manded me to make, according to the royal provisions. They have since served with the greatest alacrity and good will, as the fruits of their labors bear witness, for which they merit some reward from your Majesty — as they have always rendered good service, and still do so, and are disposed to continue in the same course. I therefore most humbly entreat your Majesty on their behalf; for I shall receive it as no less a mark of favor to myself than to them, if a reward is given them ; since without them I could not have rendered your Majesty the service I have done. Especially, I supplicate your Highness in the most humble manner to write to them, referring to the toils they have encountered in your ser- vice, and offering them rewards for what they have done ; since besides discharging a debt which your Majesty owes in this matter, it would animate them to perform future service with much greater zeal.