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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 3S1 Pedrarias Davila, a governor of your Highness, resides,)* I had sent to certain cities of which I had long heard, called CJtlatlan and Guatemala, distant two hundred leagues from this great city of Temextitan, and seventy leagues beyond the province of Soconusco. With these Spaniards came about a hundred natives of those cities, by the command of their caciques, offering themselves as vassals and subjects of your Imperial Majesty, whom I received in your royal nameĀ ; and I assured them, that as long as they proved true to their professions, they would be well treated and favored by me, and those associated with me, in the royal name of your Highness. I gave them, as presents for themselves and their lords such things as I had which are held in esteem amongst , them, and I determined to send with them two other Spaniards, in order to make the necessary provision for their journey. Since then I have been informed by some Spaniards whom I have in the province of Soconusco, that those cities with their provinces, and another called Chicapan, in their neighborhood, no longer entertain the loyal disposition they at first manifested, but have even annoyed some towns of Soconusco, because they are friendly to us. On the other hand, however, the Chris- tians write that they have sent messengejrs to them, and that they disclaim those acts, which th^y say were com- mitted by othersĀ ; and in order to ascertain the truth of the matter, I have despatched Pedro de Alvarado with eighty and more horse and two hundred foot, amongst whom are many bowmen, musketeers, and four pieces of artillery, with an abundance of munitions and powder.

  • Pedrarias Davila was then governor of the isthmus of Darien, and is noted as

the rival of Balboa, the discoverer of the South Sea, who was executed by his orders in 1517. 49