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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 383 CHAPTER III. While these two captains were on the point of set- ting forth on their respective routes, a messenger arrived from Santistevan del Puerto, the town I had settled on the river Panuco, who brought me advices from the al- caldes of that place, that the Adelantado Francisco de Garay had arrived at that river with a force consisting of one hundred and twenty horse, four hundred foot, and much artillery, and that he bore the title of gover- nor of the country, as he had informed the natives by means of an interpreter he brought with himĀ ; to whom he had announced his intention to avenge the wrongs they had suffered from me in the past war, declaring to them that they should go with him to drive out the Span- iards I had posted there, and any others I should send, in all which matters he said he would aid them, and many other scandalous things, which had produced some disturbance amongst the natives. They added that in confirmation of my suspicions of a confederacy between him, the admiral, and Diego de Velasquez,* a ship had arrived in the river a few days after from the island of Cuba, in which came certain friends and servants of Diego Velasquez, and a servant of the Bishop of Bur- gos, (the latter being said to have been appointed factor of Yucatan,) nearly the whole party consisting of ser- vants and relatives of Diego Velasquez, and servants of the admiral. As soon as this intelligence reached me,,

  • See above, page 372.