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3S4 LETTERS OF CORTES. although I was suffering from an injury to my arm occa- sioned by a fall from a horse, and kept my bed, I deter- mined to go and meet him in order to prevent any dis- turbance, and immediately sent forward Pedro de Al- varado with all the force prepared for his intended expe- dition, proposing to set out myself in two days. When my bed and every thing were already on the road, and had reached a place ten leagues from this city, where I was to go the next day to sleep, there arrived a messen- ger from the town of Vera Cruz about midnight, who brought me letters received by a ship arrived from Spain, containing an order signed with the royal name of your Majesty, commanding the said Francisco de Garay to desist from any interference on that river where I had established a colony, as your Majesty's service was promoted by my holding it in your royal nameĀ ; for which I kiss the feet of your imperial Majesty a hundred thousand times. On the reception of this order my journey was at an end, which was not a little advantage- ous to my health, as I had not slept for sixty days, and suffered much painĀ ; had I gone at that time, my life would have been in danger, but I did not regard this, esteeming it better to die on that journey than by saving my life to be the cause of great scandal and sedition, and of the loss of many lives, which would be much noised about. I immediately despatched Diego Docampo, alcalde mayor, with the order, to follow after Pedro de Alvarado, for whom I gave him a letter, directing him by no means to approach the place where the Adelan- tado's people were, lest it should give rise to some dis- turbance. I also directed the alcalde mayor to notify the Adelantado of the order, and immediately inform me of his answer.