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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 385 The alcalde mayor departed with the greatest possible haste, and reached the province of Guastecas, through which Pedro de Alvarado had passed, who had already gone into the interior of the country. As soon as Pedro de Alvarado heard of the arrival of the alcalde mayor, and that I had remained at home, he informed him that a captain of Francisco deGaray, named Gonzalo Dovalle was ravaging the towns of the province with twenty-two horse, and creating some disturbance amongst the people ; that he had placed scouts along the road where Alvarado would have occasion to pass, which led the latter to be- lieve that Dovalle meant to attack him ; and in conse- quence thereof Alvarado had placed his troops in the best order, until he arrived at a place called Laxas, where he found Dovalle with his men, with whom he at once obtain- - ed an interview, when he told him that he was acquainted with his movements, which had excited his surprise ; since the intention of the governor and his captains neither was, nor had been, to attack them, or do them any injury, but rather to favor them, and provide whatever their necessities might require ; that since this was so, in order that they might feel secure, and no offence be offer- ed on one side or the other, he begged it as a favor that the arms and horses of his men should be deposited with him until matters were finally settled. Whereupon Gon- zalo Dovalle disclaimed what had been alleged concern- ing his movements, but professed a willingness to do as was proposed ; so the two captains and most of their men came together without any feelings of hostility, or distrust, and shared with one another their food and means of en- joyment. As soon as the alcalde mayor knew this, he sent a secretary of mine that he had taken with him, named Francisco de Ordufia, to the place where the cap-