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388 LETTERS OF CORTES. picious place, as if for the purpose of making a descent upon his Majesty's territory, which had an unfavorable appearance ; with other remarks of a similar character. Such was the effect of the interview on the notary, that he returned with the answer to Captain Grijalva, and in- formed him of all the lieutenant had said, at the same time endeavoring to induce the captain to obey his orders, since it was evident that the lieutenant was a magistrate appointed by your Majesty for this province, whereas Grijalva knew, that neither on the part of Francisco de Garay nor his own, had any order been as yet produced which the lieutenant and the other burghers of Santiste- van were bound to recognise ; and that it was a very ugly business for them to approach the territory of your imperial Majesty with their ships like pirates. Influenced by these arguments. Captain Grijalva and the officers of the other ships submitted to the orders of the lieutenant, and went up the river to the usual anchorage ground. When they had arrived within the harbor, the lieutenant directed Juan de Grijalva to be arrested, on account of his disobedience of orders. But when my alcalde mayor heard of his arrest, he immediately on the day after com- manded him to be set at liberty, and together with the rest of the party to be kindly treated, forbidding any thing belonging to them to be touched ; which order w^as ac- cordingly carried into effect. The alcalde mayor also wrote to Francisco de Garay, who was in another port t^n or twelve leagues distant, informing him that I was unable to visit him, but that I had sent him with full power to settle our affairs, by ex- amining the authority under which each acted, and making such a conclusion as would best promote the service of your Majesty. As soon as Francisco de