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CONQUEST OP MEXICO. 389 Garay, saw the letter of the alcalde mayor, he imme- diately came where he was, and was well received, both he and his men being supplied with whatever their ne- cessities required. Both then conferred together and examined the several orders, especially the one your Majesty had done me the favor to grant, when the Ade- lantado professed his willingness to acquiesce, and agreed to take his ships and men, and seek some other place for his colony beyond the limits designated in your Ma- jesty's order. He also requested that as my disposition was friendly towards him, the alcalde mayor would as- sist him in collecting his people, as many of those he brought with him desired to remain behind, and others were out of the way ; and likewise that he would ena- ble him to obtain the necessary supplies for his ships and men. The alcalde mayor immediately provided every thing he asked, and made proclamation in the port where were most of those attached to either party, that all per- sons who had arrived in the armada of the Adelantado Francisco de Garay should follow and rejoin him, under the penalty, if a cavalier, of losing his arms and horse, and being surrendered as a prisoner to the said Adelan- tado ; and if a foot-soldier, of receiving a hundred lashes, and being surrendered in like manner. The Adelantado also requested the alcalde mayor, in consequence of some of his men having sold their arms and horses in the port of Santistevan and elsewhere, that he would cause them to be returned, since his peo- ple would be of no use to him without their arms and horses ; and the alcalde mayor had proclamation made in all parts where the arms or horses of the people might be, and caused those who had purchased them to re- turn them all to the said Adelantado. At his desire also 50