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390 LETTERS OF CORTES. the alcalde mayor stationed alguazils on the roads to ar- rest fugitives, and deliver them up as prisoners ; many of whom were accordingly taken and delivered into cus- tody. He also sent the alguazil mayor with one of my secretaries to the town and port of Santistevan,* for the purpose of using similar diligence in making proclama- tion, and collecting the people who were absent and de- livering them up, as well as to obtain supplies to the greatest possible extent for the ships of the Adelantado. All this was effected with the greatest diligence, and the Adelantado set out for the port to embark ; but the al- calde mayor remained behind with his people in order not to increase the number at the port, and the better to furnish the supplies of provisions ; and he continued there six or seven days to see that his orders were all obeyed, as there was a deficiency of provisions. He then wrote to the Adelantado to know if he had any commands, as he was about to return to the city of Mexicojt where I resided ; the Adelantado immediately sent a messenger to him, by whom he represented that he found himself in no condition to depart ; that he had lost six of his ships, and those he retained were unfit for service ; and that he was engaged in drawing up a state- ment of the case in order to apply to me, since he had not the means to enable him to leave the country. He also represented his people as disputing his authority over them, and denying their obligation to follow him, having appealed from the orders of my alcalde mayor, with which they contended they were not obliged to

  • This town afterwards lost the name of Santistevan (St. Stephen ;) as it

stood at the mouth of the river, Capt Lyon errs in identifying its site with that of the present town of Panuco, which is eighty miles above. Lyon's Journal, &c. I. 59. + ^'Ciudad de Mexico ;" this is the only instance in which the name of Mexico is applied to the citythat occurs in these Despatches.