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398 LETTERS OF CORTES. telligence of their situation, (as there was no other way,) and to bring them provisions, which they obtained, but not until after they had been reheved by the force I sent. It was ascertained that the people left by the Adelantado Francisco de Garay, in a town called Tamiquil, amount- ing to about one hundred Spanish foot and horse, had been ail cut off, excepting one Indian of the island of Jamaica, who escaped by taking refuge in the mountainsĀ ; from him they learned that the place had been taken in the night. It was found that there had perished two hundred and ten of the Adelantado's people, and forty- three of the citizens left by me in Santistevan, who at the time of the massacre were visiting the villages that had been entrusted to their careĀ ; I am inclined to be- lieve that there were even more of the Adelantado's peo- ple, all of whom were not recollected. The force in the province, including the division imder the captain and the troops with the lieutenant and alcalde, together with those found in the town, comprised only eighty horse, and being distributed into three detach- ments, carried the war with such vigor against the enemy, that about four hundred of the caciques and principal persons were taken prisoners, without reckoning any of the lower class, all of whom, I mean the principal per- sons, were burned according to the sentence of the ma- gistrate, after they had confessed themselves to have been the instigators of the whole war, each one admitting that he had been present at the death of Spaniards, and concerned in killing them. This done, the others who had been made prisoners were set at liberty, and restored to their villagesĀ ; and the captain in the name of your Majesty appointed new caciques in the villages from amongst the persons to whom the succession belonged,