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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 403 jury has arisen to the royal service, as well in our not being able to prosecute the discovery of many countries, as in having failed to amass for the royal exchequer large amounts of gold and pearls ; but henceforth, if I have no more difficulties of a similar character to contend with, I shall labor to restore what has been lost ; for I shall not spare any personal exertions, nor hesitate to expend my own private means, for the accomplishment of this object. And I assure your imperial and sacred Majesty, that be- sides having expended all that I possessed, I owe your Majesty for the rents that I have applied to these charges, as will appear when the accounts are rendered to your Majesty, more than sixty thousand pesos of gold, exclu- sive of twelve thousand more which I have borrowed from several persons for my domestic expenses. I have mentioned in a former place that some of the provinces adjacent to Espiritu Santo, and those tributary to that colony, had rebelled, and even taken the lives of several Spaniards ; and that for the purpose of reducing them to the royal service of your Majesty, as well as to lead others to embrace it, the people in that colony not being adequate to the undertaking, I had sent thither a captain with thirty horse and a hundred foot, some of whom were bowmen and musketeers, with two pieces of artillery, and a sufficient supply of munitions and powder ; who accordingly took up the line of march on the eighth of December, 1523. Up to the present time I have had no accounts from them ; but I think great advantages will be derived from that quarter to the ser- vice of God our Lord and your Majesty, and that valu- able discoveries will be made ; for it is a section of country that lies between the conquests of Pedro de Alvarado and those of Cristobal Dolid ; and that part of