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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 407 our Lord, they are in such a state that they will be ready to sail on the first day of Pentecost, or St. John's day in June, if we should have a sufficient supply of tar ; all that I had before was destroyed by the fire, and I have not yet been able to replace it ; but I expect before that time to have some brought from those districts from which I have made arrangements to have it sent to me. To these ships I attach an importance I am unable to express ; for I consider it certain that by means of them, if it please God our Lord, your imperial Majesty will become lord of more realms and states in these parts than there exists any knowledge of in our nation to the present time ; and that if it please God to guide your Majesty to the attainment of this great object, I believe nothing more will be wanting to make your Highness monarch of the world.