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408 LETTERS OF CORTES. CHAPTER V. Although it has pleased God our Lord that this great city of Temixtitan should fall into our hands, it seemed best to me not to reside in it for the present,on account of many inconveniences ; and I removed with all our peo- ple to thetown of Cuyuacan, situated on the coast of the lake, of which I have made mention. But as I always desired that this city should be rebuilt, in consequence of its grandeur and wonderful situation, I labor- ed to collect together its native inhabitants whom the war had dispersed in various directions ; and although I had constantly retained its cacique a prisoner, and still continued to do so, I caused a captain-general whom I had taken during the war, and had known from the time of Muteczuma, to superintend the re-peopling of the city.* In order that this person might have greater authority, I restored to him the same office he had held in the time of the cacique, which was that of Ciguacoat, meaning " the lieutenant of the cacique ;" and to other principal persons whom I had also known before, I gave a share in the government of the city, such as they had been accustomed to exercise. I also assign- ed to the Ciguacoat and the rest landed districts and peo- ple for their support, although not of so great an extent as they had before enjoyed, nor sufficient to enable them to do any mischief at a future period. I constantly en-

  • Gomara says that Cortes set at liberty Jiliucoa, a captain-general, and gave

him charge of the people and the construction of houses, and jurisdiction over a ward of the city. A son of Montezuma was employed in a similar manner. — Cron. Nuev. Esp. Cap. 162.