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420 LETTERS OF CORTES. the officers who previously had charge of this business, having been designated by me for this purpose in the name of your Highness. But since these commissioners will render a statement of the care that has been exer- cised in all these matters, I shall not stop to do more than submit to your Majesty's judgment on their re- port, which I trust will exhibit evidence of the solici- tude and zeal that I have ever manifested in whatever relates to the royal service ; for although the occupations of war and the reduction of this land have employed me to an extent of which the results may serve to convey some idea, I have not on that account forgotten to take especial care in collecting and securing the greatest pos- sible amount of revenue to your Majesty. As by the ac- count which the commissioners transmit to your imperial Majesty, it appears that I have expended of the royal income about sixty-two thousand pesos of gold, in mat- ters connected with the pacification of these parts and the extension of your Majesty's dominions, it is proper your Highness should know that it could not have been otherwise ; for when I began to draw upon those revenues, I had nothing left of my own, and was even indebted more than thirty thousand pesos of gold, that I had bor- rowed of several persons ; so that I was compelled to re- sort to that source in order to provide what the royal service necessarily demanded, as well as my own wants. But I doubt not that the proceeds resulting from this ex- penditure will yield a profit of'more than one thousand per centum.* Since the commissioners have not credited me with the service rendered, because they say their

  • "Rather," says Lorenzana, "millions upon miUioTis for one," when all the

wealth that has flowed into Spain from the acquisitions of Cortes is taken into consideration. i