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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 421 powers do not authorize it, I beg your Majesty to have the amount refunded to me where it has been properly expended, as well as about fifty thousand pesos of gold besides, which 1 have taken from my own means, or borrowed from my friends ; for if this is not done, I shall be unable to reimburse the borrowed money, and be left in great want. This I do not think your Cathohc Majesty will permit, but rather besides causing me to be repaid bestow on me a liberal recompense ; since my services rendered to your Highness, a Prince so catholic and Christian, are not undeserving of reward, to which their results bear testimony. By the commissioners, and the other persons who came with them, as well as by letters I have received from those realms, I have learned that the articles which I transmitted to your imperial Majesty by the hands of Antonio de Quinones and Alonso de Avila, the deputies from this New Spain, did not reach the royal presence, having been captured by the French in consequence of the little care taken by the board of trade at Seville in convoying them from the islands of the Azores. But not- withstanding I have been much grieved at the loss of all those rich and wonderful things, which I greatly desired your Majesty might see, and which besides being an ex- pression of my homage to your Highness, rendered my own services more manifest : I am yet pleased that they were sent, for the loss will be a slight one to your Majesty, and I shallexert myself to obtain others much richer and more wonderful, when I receive advices from provinces for whose conquest I have despatched forces, and others to which I shall soon send, having men in readiness for that purpose; while the French and other princes to whom those things may become known, will by this means 54