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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 423 your Majesty might learn the desire I have to promote your service ; for I have been so unfortunate heretofore as to encounter great opposition in the presence of your Highness, vs^hich has prevented this desire of mine from being made known. I also transmit to your sacred Majesty 60,000 pesos of gold, which has accrued from your royal revenues, as your Majesty will see by the account that your commis- sioners and I send ; and we have had the confidence to forward so large a sum at one time both on account of the necessity experienced by your Majesty, growing out of the wars and other things, and because your Majesty has received but little as yet, in consequence of the former loss. Hereafter arrangements will be made to send every time as great an amount as possible ; and your sacred Majesty may be assured, that as things are now tending, and the number of kingdoms and seignories of your Highness in these parts increase, the revenues will be more safely received, and with less expense ; for until now there has been no one of all the kingdoms and seignories that did not offer some difficulties and embarrassments. I say this, because only two days since Gonzalo de Salazar, factor of your Highness, arrived at the port of San Juan, in this New Spain, from whom I have learned that in the island of Cuba from whence he came they informed him that Diego Velas- quez, lieutenant of the admiral, had held a consultation with the captain Christobal Dolid, whom I had sent to establish a colony in Hibueras, [Honduras,] in the name of your Majesty ; and that they had agreed to excite an insurrection in the country in favor of Diego Velasquez. When I considered the wickedness of the attempt, and its injurious effect upon the service of your Majesty, I