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CONCJUESir OF MEXICO. 429 if we are unable on account of their prohibition to sus- tain our acquisitions, or to extend them. I might have retaliated in such a manner as would have made them desirous of recalling their orders and proclamations ; for by also prohibiting the importation from the islands of any thing except what they had refused us permission to export from thence, they would have been glad to allow us to bring the prohibited articles in order to have the liberty of supplying us with others ; since their chief de- pendence is on their trade with this country, the inhabi- tants of the islands, who before it commenced had not altogether a thousand pesos of gold, having now more than they for a long time possessed. But in order to prevent the evil disposed from wagging their tongues, {estender sus lenguas,) I have dissembled my feelings, until a statement could be made to your Majesty, and such orders promulgated by your Highness as the royal service requires. I have also informed your imperial Majesty of the ne- cessity of introducing plants of all kinds into this country, and of the natural adaptation of the soil to every species of agriculture ; but as no attention has hitherto been paid to this matter, I renew my request to your Majesty, from its future importance to the public interests, that orders may be sent to the board of trade at Seville for every ship to take a certain number of plants, and none to sail without them, as the introduction of them will contribute greatly to the settlement and permanent advantage of the country. As it is incumbent on me to regulate the condition of the country in the best possible manner, both to promote its colonization, and to preserve and perpetuate the Spanish and native settlements, as well as to plant 65