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36t INTRODUCTION. Mexican paper, which was similar to the pasteboard of Europe, but softer, smoother, and easy for writing. In addition to these works of art, the deputies were accom- panied in their mission to Spain by four Mexican nobles and two native women, who were exhibited to the emperor, and excited much interest. They are described by Martyr, who saw them, as being of a brownish color, (" suffusca gens") and having jewels set in gold pendant from their earsĀ ; the men wearing besides similar ornaments suspended by an aperture through the nether lip The latter fashion he chracterizes as most unseemly, although the Indians regarded it as highly be- coming. This interview took place at Tordesillas, in the north of SpainĀ ; and the emperor with great consideration directed the Mexicans to be taken to Seville in the south, where they would be less exposed to a change of climate.