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60 1,ETTERS OF CORTES. the same ; but that as they had already declared, they had tried their strength, and saw clearly that neither the force nor the skill that they had been able to command, profited them any thing, and they now sought to become the subjects of your Highness rather than perish and doom to destruction their houses, their women, and their children. I satisfied them by saying, that they well knew the losses they had sustained were entirely owing to themselves ; that I had entered their territory in the belief that I was coming among friends, for the Cem- poallans had assured me they were so, and wished to be so ; and that I had sent in advance my messengers to inform them that I was coming, and of the pleasure their friendship would afford me ; and that without returning me any answer, while I was approaching with apparent security, they had attacked me on the road, killed two of my horses, and wounded others: and moreover, after fighting with me they had sent messengers, saying, that what had taken place was contrary to their wishes and consent, certain communities having made the move- ment without their participation, but that they had re- proved them for it, and desired my friendship. Believing this to be true, I had told them that it gave me pleasure, and that on the next day I would visit them in their abodes as friends ; and yet they had attacked me while on the way, and fought against me the whole day until the approach of night, notwithstanding I had earnestly desired peace. I also reminded them of all they had done to oppose my progress, and many other matters, which I omit to mention that I may not weary your Highness. Finally, they remained, and acknowledged themselves as subjects and vassals of your Majesty, ofiering their persons and their estates for your royal