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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 61 service. This they carried into effect, and have re- mained faithful to the present time ; and I believe they will always continue so, as your Majesty will hereafter see. I remained in my quarters and camp for six or seven days, as I dared not trust them ; but when they invited me to visit a large city* in which resided all the princi- pal men of the province, who came to' urge me to make them a visit, saying that I should be better received and more abundantly supplied with what was necessary there than in camp ; and when they expressed their mortifi- cation that I should be so poorly lodged, considering me as a friend, and themselves as well as myself subjects of your Highness : in compliance with their request I went to the city, which was six leagues from my quarters and camp. This city is so extensive and so well worthy of admiration, that although I omit much that I could say of it, 1 feel assured that the little I shall say will be scarcely credited, since it is larger than Granada, and much stronger, and contains as many fine houses and a much larger population than that city did at the time of its capture ; and it is much better supplied with the pro- ducts of the earth, such as corn, and with fowls and game, fish from the rivers, various kinds of vegetables, and other excellent articles of food. There is in this city a market, in which every day thirty thousand peo- ple are engaged in buying and selling, beside many other merchants who are scattered about this city. The mar- ket contains a great variety of articles both of food and clothing, and all kinds of shoes for the feet ; jewels of gold and silver, and precious stones, and ornaments of feathers, all as well arranged as they can possibly be

  • It still bears the name of Tlascala, though much decayed.