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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 65 certain nobles, messengers of Muteczuma, who had been with me for some time, desired that I should visit a city six leagues distant from Tascaltecatl, called Churulte- cal, [Cholula,] because its inhabitants were friends of Muteczuma their sovereign, and that we should there learn his pleasure, whether I should be permitted to en- ter his dominions, and that some of their number in the mean time would go and confer with him for the purpose of informing him what I had said and return with his an- swer. Although they knew that messengers from Mu- teczuma had come to communicate with me, I promised them I would go and would set out on a particular day, which I designated. As soon as it w^as known to the Tlascalans that I had consented to accompany them to that city, the nobles came to me with much sorrow, and said that I must by no means go there, for they had formed treacherous designs to destroy me and my peo^ pie in that city, and that for this purpose Muteczuma had despatched from his country (a part of which was adja- cent to that city) fifty thousand men whom he kept in garrison two leagues from the city, as they showed, and that they had blocked up the royal road by which they were accustomed to go and made a new one full of pits, and sharp stakes driven into the good and covered up, for the purpose of disabling the horsesĀ ; that they had placed obstructions in many of the streets, and heaps of stones on the flat roofs of their houses, that after we had entered their city in seeming security they might takb us by surprise and do with us as they pleasedĀ ; that if I wished to have proofs of the correctness of their state- ments, I might notice that none of the nobles of that city had come to see me or to speak with me, although I was so near, but that a deputation had come for that purpose