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CONQUEST OF MEXICO. 77 titan, [Mexico,] and the lakes in that province, of which I shall hereafter give your Highness an account; they returned overjoyed on having discovered so good a road, and God knows how much joy I felt on the occasion. Having obtained all the information I could from the Spaniards who had returned from their visit to the mountain, as well as from the natives, con- cerning the road they had discovered, I addressed myself to the envoys of llluteczuma, who accompa- nied me as guides to' their country, and said to them, that I would take the new route instead of that which they had recommended, as it was shorter. They answered that I was right, that the new route was shorter and more level, and that the reason they had not pointed it out to me was, that we should have to pass one day through the territory of Guasucingo, [Guajozingo,] whose inhabitants were their enemies, and would not furnish supplies, as was done in the territoiy of Mutec- zuma ; but that since I preferred that route, they would cause provisions to be sent in; that direction. And thus we set forth, not -^'ithout some apprehension that they would persist in their endeavors to entrap us ; but as we had already declared what route it was our intention to take, it did not seem to ite worth while to change our plan, or to return on our steps, lest they should imagine that our courage failed us. On the day that I left the city of Cholula, I advanced four leagues to some villages in the state of Guasucingo, where we were well received by the nati"^es, who gave me a num- ber of female slaves, some cotton cloth, and several small pieces of gold, amouhting altogether to very little, as the people are not well supplied with it, on account of their belonging to the league and party of the Tlas- ^1