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Of Government.

חיה and ךךמש wild beaſts and reptils, the ſame words that in the text before us, i. Gen. 28. are tranſlated every moving thing, that moveth on the earth, which by no means can comprehend man, the grant being made to Noah and his ſons, all the men then living, and not to one part of men over another : which is yet more evident from the very next words, ver. 3. where God gives every ךמש every moving thing, the very words uſed, ch. i. 28. to them for food. By all which it is plain that God's donation to Adam, ch. i. 28. and his deſignation, ver. 26. and his grant again to Noah and his ſons, refer to and contain in them neither more nor leſs than the works of the creation the 5th day, and the beginning of the 6th, as they are ſet down from the 20th to 26th ver. incluſively of the 1ſt; ch. and ſo comprehend all the ſpecies of irrational animals of the terraqueous globe, tho' all the words, whereby they are expreſſed in the hiſtory of their creation, are no where uſed in any of the following grants, but ſome of them omitted in one, and ſome in another. From whence I think it is paſt: all doubt, that man cannot be comprehended in this grant, nor any dominion over thoſe of his own ſpecies be conveyed to Adam. All the terreſtrial irrational creatures are enumerated at their creation, ver. 25. under the names beaſts of the earth, cattle and creeping things, but man,