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Of Government.

being not then created, was not contained under any of thoſe names ; and therefore, whether we underſtand the Hebrew words right or no, they cannot be ſuppoſed to comprehend man, in the very ſame hiſtory, and the very next verſes following, eſpecially ſince that Hebrew word ךמש which, if any in this donation to Adam, ch. i. 28. muſt comprehend man, is ſo plainly uſed in contradiſtinction to him, as Gen. vi. 20. vii. 14, 21, 23. Gen. viii. 17, 19. And if God made all mankind ſlaves to Adam and his heirs by giving Adam dominion over every living thing that moveth on the earth, ch. i. 28. as our author would have it, methinks Sir Robert ſhould have carried his monarchical power one ſtep higher, and ſatisfied the world, that princes might eat their ſubjects too, ſince God gave as full power to Noah and his heirs, ch. ix. 2. to eat every living thing that moveth, as he did to Adam to have dominion over them, the Hebrew words in both places being the ſame.

§.28. David, who might be ſuppoſed to underſtand the donation of God in this text, and the right of kings too, as well as our author in his comment on this place, as the learned and judicious Ainſworth calls it, in the 8th Pſalm, finds here no ſuch charter of monarchical power, his words are, Thou haſt made him, i. e. man, the Son of man, a little lower than the angels ; thou madeſt him to have dominion over the works of thy hands ; thou haſt put all