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to range the world around,
His father willing was thereto,
and gave him twenty pounds.
But Jack no ſooner then was gone,
out of of his father’s door,
But he was ſtraitway knocked down,
and robb’d by thieves and whores.
Jack went unto a farmer’s yard,
deſiring there to dwell.
The farmer entertain’d him ſtraight,
and lik’d him wond’rous well.
Himſelf ſo well he did behave,
that the farmer and he agreed,
That he his daughter then ſhould have,
which made him glad indeed.
Jack then took up his bagpipes,
which there did by him lie
And he began to ſing and pipe,
when he had cauſe to cry
For tho’ the farmer’s daughter
did love him wond’rous well,
Yet I will ſhew hereafter
What unto him beſel.
No ſooner was he married,
but his wages they were rais’d,
And tho’ he oft miſcarryed,
yet he was never prais’d.
Jack then was ſent unto the wood,
on purpoſe to fell oaks,
He ſhewed his endeavour good,
and laid on luſty ſtrokes.