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And ’cauſe it as a darkſome night
that you might not forget it,
I’ll cover it with a white cloth,
and on the dunghill ſet it.
While ſhe went to the buttery,
a great white dog came out,
And on the dunghill down did lie,
to bring the jeſt about.
Poor Jack out of the hogſtye peeps,
the great white dog eſpies,
With joy and gladneſs out he creeps,
his hunger to ſuffice.
The dog we took to be a clout,
which the butter milk to cover,
But he did find it was as ſtout,
before that he gave over,
The dog was white as he might ſee,
the night was dark and black,
Then ſure a wiſer then he
might eaſily miſtake,
Faſt on the back he took the dog,
inſtead of the butter-milk pot,
And being naked as a frog
now judge but what he got.
The dog takes Jack faſt by the toe,
and Jack with him did ſtrive,
Quoth he, I ne’er before did know
that butter-milk was alive.
The curliſh dog would not give o‘er,
’till he had rent him ſo.
That he his fleſh ſo much had tore,