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r6• Casas ruled and adjudged in the ,792, duced to fhew, that if a caufe be removed from an irferior court yy`; in England, into the King': Bmcb, the judgment will bind gmc- rall . 'ilrrr. Comvr thought, that the fry? point had been fully deci- ded, in the two cafes cited by the counfel for the plaintiff, from P. W mr. and Dollar': Reports. The _/Proud they held under con- lideration, in order toenquire, what had been the practice in other counties; and, being fatislied in that refpeét, in September term, they were all of opinion, that a judgment-in the Supreme (`ourt, in a caufe removed thither from any inferior court, was a lien on all the lands which the defendant had in the State.* Having been of counfel in this caufe, _71g7i¢e Bxmronn gave no opinion.

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I Ross et al. Executors w»_1'u.r RITTENQIOUSB 2,•D_ /éQ_ N this caufe a verdi€t was taken for the plaintil}, fubje& ’ I to the opinion of the Court on a cafe Rated. After arguq 3..8- •?¢b5• ment, the ]udges recapitulated the faéics and arguments of . yy 6*; 3_ eounlel, and delivered their opinions jériatim in the following terms: g M<K¤n:, Cbigf fylicez This cafe is, in brief, as follows :— { The Brityb {loop Affive had been captured as prize on the hi h feas, in September, 1778, and was brought into the port of Pgiladeqhbia, where {he was libelled in the Court of Admiralty of the State, held before George Rw, Efq. the then Jud e, on the 18th day of the fame month. The four perfons, for . whofe ufe this aétion is brought, claimed the whole velfel and cargo, as their exclulive prize ; but Tboma: lhjlan, mailer of the brig Canwntian, a velfel of war belonging to the State of Pmngloania, claimed a moiety for the States, himfelf, and crew; and _“}'am:: _7`¢ab, malter of the lloop Ge- rard, a private veil`:] of war, claimed for himfelf, owners, and . crew,

  • Mr. Hale Gralmm, an eminent conveyancer, held, that thefe judg-

ments in the Srqaremc court did not bind lands generally; and it has not been ufual for perfons living in the country, to apply to the Pru- rbanarmy of this court {br lids of judgments; which Mr. Bird, on being asked by the Coun, c0nEnn··<l.