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e ciiti!m'l' UNH', Pthryylnmis Didztié. Q6§ ' " transfer of land shade b the Iudiaiu, as it obviouil ' tends I1- fa miet the fpirit of jealoufyz to remove fufpiciong and lK'CYEll[;3‘ impolitiun and fraud. I 3. 'A warrant to furvey for the certain traits of ; land containing twenty thoufand acres. ` 4. {Survey of the above lands: The land in controverfy lies within theludrkn deed to the Pmnr, and is covered by this furveyi _ 5. ¢Leafe from Thome: U Rs2·lw·dPemrto Tbmui.rVm: Home; for the term of {even years,of lot No. 38, containing one hun; tired acres. _ _ _ - 6. In(iru&ions to lay out and fell the land: _ _ _ 7. §All0tment to Tbmu.; Van Home of lot No. ab, oontairie ing rgo acres and go nerches, _ 8. ||'Wai·rant from Riqbanl Perm, lieutenant governor, to make n feparate return of lot No. ao, to Thomas Yau Home A fe=#` parate retum_was rnade accordingly, and marked on tlie gene-• ral furvey of Marti 177t. _ g. "Patcnt from Thumb: and }'o5uP¢mi to Thine! Vim Horne for lot No; zo. The eonlideration money was paid iooontraélr _ __ __ _ =

o.°I_-|-Deed from 2`Zoma
Hometo Cvhvéliur Vivi Honi,

ieilbr _ the plaintih, for lot No.`·zo. __ _ It is in evidence, that this lot was built upon, fenced, gd improvedby Van _Hvrné. It is alfo in evidence, that job:} Porange, the de endant, is in poilcllion of, and relides upon, the - faidlot. _ __ · __ _ __ __ __ _ Such is the title upon which the plaintiff rells his eaufe; Ie ·· js clearly deduced and legally correélc; and, therefore, unlefs fuhicient appears on the part of the defendant, will entitle the ` laintiiftoyour ierdiét. To repel the plaintifa right, and td gflzablilh his own, the defendant fets up a title. ` sf!. Under Qbnrrrfliouta ad. Under the Indian?. ad; Under Pem@l·vauid._ __ __ · _ __ _ _ I. _Ugrd:i· Canneélicui. _ _ __ _ _ _ The title under Cahnetiicur is of nc availé tenure the land in contrdverfy is ei:-territorial; it does not lie within the charter - bounds bf C5m:¢H!c:IE', but within_tHe charter-bdunde of Pmnh - jlvania. The charter of Cmguélizui does not coier or fpreatl over the lands in queilzidni or courfe hb title can be derived from Cmmélimr. Here then the defendant fails. II; Under ibe Indian:. _ _ The Dxdiun deed, under which the defendant claime, bears date the nth of jh!} 17;.;. It has been obferved, that thié ` Qq V deed

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