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Scrum: Comsr of the United State:. 4og l

  • guilty of treafon, and for other purpofes therein mentioned} t792· {

'Ihat, among other things, this law contained the following /Y`! ' claufes :—• And whereas there are divers eftates and other pro- ‘ petty within this State, belonging to perfons who have been do-

  • clared guilty, or conviéled, in one or other of the United

¢ Siam, of offences which hare induced a conlifcation of their

  • cftates or property within the State of which they were citi-

• zens: Be it therefore enafted bythe authority aforefaid, that ¢ all and lingular the efiates both real and perfonal, of perfons • under this defcription, of whatfoever kind or nature, toge- • ther with all rights and titles, which they may, do, or thall ¢ hold in law or equity, or others in _trufi: for them, and alfo all ¢ the debts, dues and demands, due or owing to Britifh mer- • chants, or others, reliding in Great Britain, (which {hall be ap- ¤ propriated as herein after mentioned). owing or actruing to ¢ them, be confifcased to and for the ufe ·and benefit of this • State, in like manner and form of forfeiture as they were ¢ fubjeéled to in the States of which they refpeéiirely were ci- - ¢ tizens, and the monies ariiing from the fales which {hall. take • place by virtue, and in purfeance of, this af.}, to be ap- ¢ plied to fuch ufes. and purpofes, as the legillature {hall here- f after dire&.’ -

  • And be it further ena&ed, that all debts, dues and demands,

Q due or owing to merchants or others refiding in Great Britain, ¢ be, and they are hereby jéquefered, aud the cornillioners ap- • pointed under this af}, or a majority of them, are hereby em- • powered to recover, receive, and depolit the fame in the treafu- ¤ ry of this State, in the fame manner,. and under the fame regu- _ ¢ lations, as debts conlifcated, there to remain for the ufe of this ¢ State, until otherwife appropriated by this or any future houfe ‘ of Aliembly} ¢ And whereas there are various perfons, fubjeéis of the king < of Great Britain, poifeffed of or entitled to efiates real and. < perfonal, which juliice and found policy require ihould be ap- < plied to the benefit of this State; Be it therefore enaétsd by ¢ the authority aforefaid, '1` hat all and fingular the efiates, real ¢ and pcrlimal, belonging to perfons being Britilh fubjeéls, of

  • whatibever kind or nature, which they ma be poliblfed of, ex- `

• cept as before excepted, or others in trud for them, or that · they are or may be entitled to in law or equity, as alfo all • debts, dues, or demands, owing or accruing to them, be con-

  • liicated to and for the ufe and benefit of this State, and the

‘ monies ariling from the fales which {hall take place by virtue ¢ of, and in purfuance of this ac}, to be applied to iiach ufes and: .

  • purpofes as the legiilature lhall hereafter direéil

•¢ 'l`hat by the operation of thefe clanfes, all the debts, dues,. and demands, of the citizens of Georgia to pcrfons, who had Ecc 2 been.