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Surnurr Cooa·r_ of the United State:. 463 Fully admit, is the noblell worlt of'1I#Ian : But, Man Lim/ef rygg. free and honell, is, I fpeakas to this world, the noblell workurvsl of Gon. Concerninp the prerogative of Kingr, and concerning the Jovereignty o States, much has been {aid and written ; but lit- tle has been laid and written coneernin a fubjeét much more dignified and important, the majelty olgthe people. Themode _ _ of exprellion, whiehl would fubllitute inthe place of that ge- nerall ufed, isnoe only politicall , but all`o(for between true liber- ty ami true talie there is a enoréi alliance) elqjicallo more corre€t. On the mention of Atbenr, a thoufand refined and endearing alfoeiations rulh at once into the memory of the /2hlar, the plrifo/`apber, and the patriot. When Homer, one of the mol} cor- reélc, as well as the oldell of human authorities, enumerate: the other nations of Greece, whofe forces aéledat the liege of Troy, he arranges them under the names of their dillkrent King: or Prinoer : But when he comes to the Atbeniane, hedillinguilhes - them by the peculiar appellation of the rr-;ori.u' of Atbeae. The well known addrefs ufed by Demgllbener, when he har- rangued and animated his alfembled countrylmen, was “ O Mer: of Atlren.r." With the llriéteil: propriety, t ¤·efore,cla_[ical and political, our national fcene opens with the moil magnilioent ob- je&, which the nation could prel`ent.. *• The norm of the United State? are the firlt perfonages introduced. Who were thofe people 2 They were the citizens of thirteen States, each of which had a feparate Conllitution and Govemment, and all of which were conne&ed together by articles of confedera- tion. To the purpofes of public {lrength and Felicity, that con- federaey was totally inadequate. A requilition on the feveral States terminated its Legylative authority : Executive or juehki- al authority it had none. In order, therefore, to form a more perfeét union, to ylablylrjrfioe, to enfure domellie tranquillity, to provide for common de ence, and to fecure the blellings of liberty, tho} people, among whom were the people of Georgia, ordained and eltubliilxed the prefent Conllitution. By that Con- llitution Legillative power is veiled, Executive power is veiled, jludicial power is veiled. 'I he quellion now opens fairly to our view, could the people _ of thofe States, among whom were thofe of Georgia, bind thofe Stater, and Georgia among the others, by the Legillative, Exe- cutive, and Judicial power lb veiled P lf the principles, on whichl have founded myfelf, are juli and true; this qucllion mult unavoidahly receive an ailirmative anfwer. If thofe State.: were the work of tllofe people; thofe people, and, that I may apply the cafe clofely, the people of Georgia, in particular, . could " II. L 2. u. 54. AM/LGF Pol. ta. one of the words, of which democracy in compounded. `