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I N ‘ D E X. iii. of agreement, but on the privateer‘s | What {hall bc deemed a voyage, romntilliong and thc right cannot be and in what cafe Mariners fhall been· tlleflroycd by the Captain‘s pottmga titled to wages, though the veffel is lariner on {bore. ' 8. . lofl. 110. Though a Mariner, who is3 onlie An adion at common law lies for . ihlpped uu board, and it diliniflcd by the agent of Marinerx, to recover their the Captain, without fault, belbrc the {hares ui. prize money, aftcr a decree. voyage is ended, is cntitled tu his Ri- in the Admiralty, and the money was pulatcd wages, for th: whole voyage ; actually in t.he hands of the Marfhall. yet the reliduc of the crew can only X74. claim to the extent of their contract, though their rilk and labour becomes ADULT ERY. Z""“'·_ _ 39- lf the'Defendant is unmarried, he A. Frm: ml°°°"' in I l’°"n““$ I cannot bc conviéted of Adultery, tho' =¤¤·*¤¤*¤¤· ¤¤*¤¤=·i¤¤ *>= *·>*·*» ·>¤ ¤·¤- .i..u·........ a. tut, mu. ..n..... it. !l0I'l of the uppellant, before the ap- I was guilty of 1 mm 11* 5_ - pearancc of the appellee. 40. ' AGENT A vtllll captured after the pr¢:limi· que Allmlmz nar arti.: ' - ` i . dmymd. les of peace, cannot bc cz; AGREENILIST- Limimgiqm gf appeal; 4;_ \'herc the Defendant ism poficellion Vhat irregularities arc infuflirient under the agreement of the l‘ltunttilQ for lkttiug alidc a decree and rc-lu-ating the Court will not grant a writ of ref- thc caufe. 4t. 2. titutinn, though they reverie the judg- lt is not material to whom a ua- mt-ut, under which the poflkllion was dcr’a national allegiance is due, if he ub ained. - ZC4. 5. is fcttlrd under another Rwereign, en- ALIAS CAPIAS. _ joying the privileges and fuljecl. to the Sec Praflire. - iuconveniencies of the place where ALL[E5_ hcljlctiilclfar the judgment of a Forcirh AL®fSAI?3`{?SF Court is binding here. 5x. x94. 5. ` " -- 2-`L 7__ 273_ Ser; Petr. Y Under what circumlianccs a Court AME1Di<E1T· of Common law will take iurifdiélion Amcnrltneut of the declaration inf of a caulk, originally ariliug on the Ejedmcnt, by enlarging the demife. ll:. 8:. toc. ry;. 97._ Though the Admiralty cannot take Amendment in an aéiion qui nun. Il rtetignizunee, yet it can take a can- 143. limi ur hipulution in nature of a re- After Error brought, the Court al- uugnizztuicc. 112. lowcd the 1·‘laintifl`to cmcr a renditi- An iiiilrunterzt taken in the Admi- mr of lizrplus damages, beyond what ralzy, though void as a ltipulatiozt, may was laid in the declaration. 184. ht good as at contraél, and an ttélion of Amendment in lijeclmcnt, by altcr- .1.1,. or of special affuutpht may be ing the date of the tleutife. 2.56.; iitainttttittcd on it. 127.. 3. Amendment nf a bill in Equity, af-. Wh: ther the Federal Court of Ap- wr lt?} °l` {lm éiultucd °$1m"l:“l°n°f ptcaisin Admiralty tales, had jurifdic·· l bylltmlg t_hi;'l": hill" stl it-g° utui to itivclligate facts, after a trial *9*)*; F°mP °"l‘“ ‘“°" nge lg"' In and general verdict by a jury, and to m}°““’ ‘ I S 3 4` 5* give :1 cmvrury decinou, without the A-PPE}? *‘ ' iit1t,l‘V¢ElLlo¤Zl)l. anetlter ]'ury. 160 $¤¤ fY*·"·'¤’£‘/· . . '." ‘ ?°‘ APPRENTICE. VL lietlner an a&um ran be maintain- S _ M . 9 __ mt ed at rnmmun law agalutl a judgc of “° _‘ ‘l/I"` """l ` "v‘ ‘ the Adzniralty, for money lodged in ARREST or ]U1)GMENl`._ lsii K`¤>ll'l, lll C0lllhqlu:IlC¤ ol' his (IW!} Omimuu of the gqclujiqnl Cpighcya decree, which Wis '•;v¢t'f¤&l Oll ilppcib in an ipgigmtug for murd. r, is fatal 160 to tyo. ii; Ppp T.