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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

101 STAT. 1188

PUBLIC LAW 100-180—DEC. 4, 1987

Naval Technical Training Center, San Francisco, California, $10,100,000. NAVAL MEDICAL COMMAND

Naval Hospital Branch, Adak, Alaska $700,000. Aj,^,.rf=




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Naval Oceanography Command, Bay St. Louis, Massachusetts, $1,600,000. Naval Eastern Oceanography Center, Norfolk, Virginia, $600,000. NAVAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMAND

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Naval Communication Area Master Station, Atlantic, Norfolk, Virginia, $8,400,000. Naval Communication Station, Stockton, California, $2,800,000. NAVAL SECURITY GROUP COMMAND

Naval Security Group Activity, Adak, Alaska, $2,860,000. Naval Security Group Activity, Northwest, Chesapeake, Virginia, $4,530,000. Naval Security Station, Wsishington, District of Columbia, $3,000,000. Naval Security Group Activity, Winter Harbor, Maine, $1,550,000.


Atlantic Fleet Headquarters Support Activity, Norfolk, Virginia, $5,070,000. NAVAL SUPPLY SYSTEMS COMMAND

Naval Supply Center, Charleston, South Carolina, $8,170,000. Naval Supply Center, Jacksonville, Florida, $4,720,000. Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility, Natick, Massachusetts, $1,870,000. Naval Supply Center, Norfolk, Virginia, $7,210,000. Naval Supply Center, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, $3,280,000. Naval Supply Center, Pensacola, Florida, $1,000,000. -


Naval Air Rework Facility, Alameda, California, $16,000,000. Naval Air Rework Facility, Cherry Point, North Carolina, $500,000. Naval Air Rework Facility, Jacksonville, Florida, $5,000,000. Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Maryland, $6,500,000. Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, California, $650,000. NAVAL FACILITIES ENGINEERING COMMAND

Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, Mississippi, $10,450,000. Navy Public Works Center, Norfolk, Virginia, $6,100,000. Navy Public Works Center, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, $11,203,000. Navy Public Works Center, Pensacola, Florida, $4,150,000. Naval Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme, California, $5,870,000.