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101 STAT. 1329-296
101 STAT. 1329-296
PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

PUBLIC LAW 100-202—DEC. 22, 1987

101 STAT. 1329-296

Majority Whip and not to exceed $149,950 for the Chief Deputy Majority Whip; Office of the Minority Whip, $540,000, including $5,000 for official expenses of the Minority Whip and not to exceed $79,150 for the Chief Deputy Minority Whip. MEMBERS' CLERK HIRE

For staff employed by each Member in the discharge of his official and representative duties, $174,556,000. COMMITTEEMPLOYEES

For professional and clerical employees of standing committees, including the Committee on Appropriations and the Committee on the Budget, $49,102,000. COMMITTEE ON THE BUDGET (STUDIES)

For salaries, expenses, and studies by the Committee on the Budget, and temporary personal services for such committee to be expended in accordance with sections 101(c), 606, 703, and 901(e) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, and to be available for reimbursement to agencies for services performed, $329,000. CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE HOUSE STANDING COMMITTEES, SPECIAL AND SELECT

For salaries and expenses of standing committees, special and select, authorized by the House, $52,418,000. ALLOWANCES AND EXPENSES t?; J


For allowances and expenses as authorized by House resolution or law, $174,797,000, including: Official Expenses of Members, $81,523,000; supplies, materials, administrative costs and Federal tort claims, $16,719,000; furniture and furnishings, $1,005,000; stenographic reporting of committee hearings, $550,000; reemployed annuitants reimbursements, $1,118,000; Government contributions to employees' life insurance fund, retirement funds, Social Security fund. Medicare fund, health benefits fund, and worker's and unemployment compensation, $73,260,000; and miscellaneous items including, but not limited to, purchase, exchange, maintenance, repair and operation of House motor vehicles, restaurants, interparliamentary receptions and gratuities to heirs of deceased employees of the House, $622,000: Provided, That effective upon Effective date. enactment of this Act, an amount not to exceed $132,000 shall be made available by transfer from the appropriation for "House office buildings, 1987, No year" for deposit in the account established by section 208 of the First Supplemental Civil Functions Appropriations Act, 1941 (40 U.S.C. 174k(b)). Such amounts as are deemed necessary for the payment of allowances and expenses under this head may be transferred between the various categories within this appropriation, "Allowances and expenses", upon the approval of the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives.