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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 1188

PUBLIC LAW 100-418—AUG. 23, 1988 "(1) IN GENERAL.—The administering authority may suspend an investigation under this subtitle upon acceptance of an agreement with a nonmarket economy country to restrict the volume of imports into the United States of the merchandise under investigation only if the administering authority determines that— "(A) such agreement satisfies the requirements of subsection (d), and "(B) will prevent the suppression or undercutting of price levels of domestic products by imports of the merchandise under investigation. "(2) FAILURE OF AGREEMENTS.—If the administering authority determines that an agreement accepted under this subsection no longer prevents the suppression or undercutting of domestic prices of merchandise manufactured in the United States, the provisions of subsection (i) shall apply.".

19 USC 1677k.


(a) DEFINITIONS.—For purposes of this section: (1) The term "Agreement" means the Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (relating to antidumping measures). (2) The term "Agreement country" means a foreign country that has accepted the Agreement. (3) The term "Trade Representative" means the United States Trade Representative. (b) PETITION BY DOMESTIC INDUSTRY.—

(1) A domestic industry that produces a product that is like or directly competitive with merchandise produced by a foreign country (whether or not an Agreement country) may, if it has reason to believe that— (A) such merchandise is being dumped in an Agreement country; and (B) such domestic industry is being materially injured, or threatened with material injury, by reason of such dumping; submit a petition to the Trade Representative that alleges the elements referred to in subparagraphs (A) and (B) and requests the Trade Representative to take action under subsection (c) on behalf of the domestic industry. (2) A petition submitted under paragraph (1) shall contain such detailed information as the Trade Representative may require in support of the allegations in the petition. (c) APPLICATION FOR ANTIDUMPING ACTION ON BEHALF OF THE DOMESTIC INDUSTRY.—

(1) If the Trade Representative, on the basis of the information contained in a petition submitted under paragraph (1), determines that there is a reasonable basis for the allegations in the petition, the Trade Representative shall submit to the appropriate authority of the Agreement country where the alleged dumping is occurring an application pursuant to Article 12 of the Agreement which requests that appropriate antidumping action under the law of that country be taken, on behalf of the United States, with respect to imports into that country of the merchandise concerned. (2) At the request of the Trade Representative, the appropriate officers of the Department of Commerce and the United