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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-418—AUG. 23, 1988

102 STAT. 1531

financial assistance under this Act shall also apply to substate grantees under this title. "SUBSTATE PLAN

313. (a) GENERAL RULE.—No amounts appropriated for any fiscal year may be provided to a substate grantee unless the Governor (after considering the recommendations of the State job training coordinating council) has approved a substate plan, or modification thereof, submitted by the substate grantee describing the manner in which activities will be conducted within the substate area. Prior to the submission to the Governor, the plan shall be submitted for review and comment to the otiier parties to the agreement described in section 312(b). "(b) CONTENTS OF SUBSTATE I*LAN.—The substate plan shall contain a statement of— "(1) the means for delivering services described in section 314 to eligible dislocated workers; "(2) the means to be used to identify, select, and verify the eligibility of program participants; "(3) the means for implementing the requirements of section 314(f); "(4) the means for involving labor organizations in the development and implementation of services; "(5) the performance goals to be achieved consistent with the performance goals contained in the State plan pursuant to section 311(b)(8); "(6) procedures, consistent with section 107, for selecting service providers which take into account past performance in job training or related activities, fiscal accountability, and ability to meet performance standards; "(7) a description of the methods by which the substate grantee will respond expeditiously to worker dislocation where the rapid response assistance required by section 314(b) is inappropriate, including worker dislocation in sparsely populated areas, which methods may include (but are not limited to)— (A) development and delivery of widespread outreach mechanisms; (B) provision of financial evaluation and counseling (where appropriate) to assist in determining eligibility for services and the type of services needed; (C) initial assessment and referral for further basic adjustment and training services; and (D) establishment of regional centers for the purpose of providing such outreach, assessment, and early readjustment assistance; "(8) a description of the methods by which the other parties to the agreement described in section 312(b) may be involved in activities of the substate grantee; "(9) a description of training services to be provided, including— "(A) procedures to assess participants' current education skUl levels and occupational abilities; "(B) procedures to assess participants' needs, including educational, training, employment, and social services; "SBC.

29 USC I66ib.