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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 3002

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Grants. Contracts.


PUBLIC LAW 100-590—NOV. 3, 1988

conduct demonstration projects for the benefit of small business concerns owned and controlled by women. "(2) No amount of financial assistance shall be provided pursuant to tfaJs subsection unless the recipient organization agrees, as a condition of receiving such assistance, that— (A) it will obtain, after its application has been approved but prior to the disbursement of funds pursuant to this subsection, cash contributions from private sector sources in an amount at least equal to the amount of funds such organization will receive under this subsection; and "(B) it will provide the types of services and assistance to present and potential women owners of small business concerns as are described in paragraph (3). For the purposes of this subsection such concerns may be either 'start-up' businesses or established 'on-going* concerns. "(3) The types of services and assistance referred to in paragraph (2)(B) shall include the following: "(A) financial assistance, which assistance shall include training and counseling in how to apply for and secure business credit and investment capital; prepare and present financial statements; manage cash flow and otherwise manage the financial operations of a business concern; "(B) management assistance, which assistance shall include training and counseling in how to plan, organize, staff, direct and control each major activity and function of a small business concern; and "(C) marketing assistance, which assistance shall include trainii^ and counseling in how to identify and s^ment domestic and international market opportunities; prepare and execute marketing plans; develop pricing strategies; locate contract opportunities; negotiate contracts; and utilize varying public relations and advertising techniques. "(4) Applications for financial assistance pursuant to this subsection shall be evaluated and ranked in accordance with predetermined selection criteria that shall be stated in terms of relative importance. Such criteria and their relative importance shall be made publicly available and stated in each solicitation for applications made by the Administration. Such criteria shall include— "(A) a criterion that specifically refers to the experience of the offering organization in conducting programs or on-going efforts d e s e e d to impart or uj^ade the business skilis of women business owners or potentisd owners; "(B) a criterion that specifically refers to the present ability of the offering organization to commence a demonstration project within a minimum amount of time; and "(C) a criterion that specifically refers to the ability of the applicant organization to provide training and services to a representative number of women who are both socially and economically disadvantaged. "(5) The financial assistance authorized pursuant to this subsection shall be made by grant, contract, or cooperative agreement and may contain such provision, as necessary, to provide for payments in lump sum or installments, and in advance or by way or reimbursement. "(6)(A) The Administration shall prepare and transmit a report to the Committees on Small Business of the Senate and House of Representatives on the effectiveness of all demonstration projects