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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-459—OCT. 1, 1988

102 STAT. 2195


For necessary expenses of the Community Relations Service, established by title X of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, $27,858,000, of which not to exceed $20,667,000 shall remain available until expended to make payments in advance for grants, contracts and reimbursable agreements and other expenses necessary under section 501(c) of the Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-422; 94 Stat. 1809) for the processing, care, maintenance, security, transportation and reception and placement in the United States of Cuban and Haitian entrants: Provided, That notwithstanding section 501(e)(2)(B) of the Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-422; 94 Stat. 1810), funds may be expended for assistance with respect to Cuban and Haitian entrants as authorized under section 501(c) of such Act. ASSETS FORFEITURE FUND

For expenses authorized by 28 U.S.C. 524, as amended by the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act of 1984 and the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, $75,000,000 to be derived from the Department of Justice Assets Forfeiture Fund. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES

For expenses necessary for detection, investigation, and prosecution of crimes against the United States; including purchase for police-type use of not to exceed 2,600 passenger motor vehicles of which 1,850 will be for replacement only, without regard to the general purchase price limitation for the current fiscal year, and hire of passenger motor vehicles; acquisition, lease, maintenance and operation of aircraft; and not to exceed $70,000 to meet unforeseen emergencies of a confidential character, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, and to be accounted for solely on his certificate; $1,424,100,000, of which not to exceed $15,100,000 for INF treaty activities shall remain available until expended; of which not to exceed $25,000,000 for automated data processing and telecommunications and $1,000,000 for undercover operations shall remain available until September 30, 1990; of which not to exceed $3,000,000 for research related to investigative activities shall remain available until expended; and of which not to exceed $500,000 is authorized to be made available for making payments or advances for expenses arising out of contractual or reimbursable agreements with State and local law enforcement agencies while engaged in cooperative activities related to terrorism: Provided, That the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation may establish and collect fees to process fingerprint identification records for noncriminal employment and licensing purposes, and notwithstanding the provisions of 31 U.S.C. 3302, credit such fees to this appropriation to be used for salaries and other expenses incurred in providing these services: Provided further. That not to exceed $45,000 shall be available for official reception and representation expenses: Provided further. That not to exceed $11,358,000 for a language translation system shall remain available until expended.