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102 STAT. 2268-14
102 STAT. 2268-14
PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2268-14


PUBLIC LAW 100-461—OCT. 1, 1988

may be necessary in carrying out the program set forth in the budget for the current fiscal year. During the fiscal year 1989 and within the resources and authority available, gross obligations for the amount of direct loans shall not exceed $23,000,000. During the fiscal year 1989, total commitments to guarantee loans shall not exceed $200,000,000 of contingent liability for loan principal. Except as provided in this Act, no provision of any other Act not enacted into law by May 19, 1988, shall be construed to require the exercise of authority to provide direct loans or to make commitments to guarantee loans contrary to the limitations contained under this heading. PEACE CORPS


For expenses necessary to carry out the provisions of the Peace Corps Act (75 Stat. 612), $153,500,000, including the purchase of not to exceed five passenger motor vehicles for administrative purposes for use outside of the United States: Provided, That none of the funds appropriated under this heading shall be used to pay for abortions. DEPARTMENT OF STATE INTERNATIONAL NARCOTICS CONTROL

For necessary expenses to carry out the provisions of section 481 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, $101,000,000: Provided, That not less than $15,000,000 of the funds appropriated under this heading shall be made available for narcotics interdiction and control programs for Bolivia: Provided further, That in addition to amounts made available pursuant to the previous proviso, not less than $7,000,000 of the funds appropriated under this heading shall be available for Latin America regional programs: Provided further. That in carrying out the provisions of section 481, increased emphasis should be placed on (1) further intensifying United States efforts in the eradication and interdiction of illicit narcotics, and (2) seeking international cooperation on narcotics enforcement matters such as in the areas of extradition treaties, mutual legal assistance to combat money laundering, sharing of evidence, and other initiatives for cooperative narcotics enforcement efforts. MIGRATION AND REFUGEE ASSISTANCE

For expenses, not otherwise provided for, necessary to enable the Secretary of State to provide, as authorized by law, a contribution to the International Committee of the Red Cross and assistance to refugees, including contributions to the Intergovernmental Committee for Migration and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; salaries and expenses of personnel and dependents as authorized by the Foreign Service Act of 1980; allowances as authorized by sections 5921 through 5925 of title 5, United States Code; hire of passenger motor vehicles; and services as authorized by section 3109 of title 5, United States Code; $361,950,000: Provided, That not less than $28,000,000 shall be available for Soviet, Eastern European and other refugees resettling in Israel: Provided further, That funds appropriated under this heading shall be administered in a manner that ensures equity in the treatment of all refugees