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102 STAT. 2268-35
102 STAT. 2268-35
PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-461—OCT. 1, 1988

102 STAT. 2268-35

available for assistance for Liberia only if the Secretary of State certifies to the Congress that the Government of Liberia— (1) has taken significant steps to: reduce extra-budgetary expenditures; reduce borrowing from any source (whether local or foreign) in anticipation of future tax receipts, profit sharing, maritime revenues, or other revenues; reduce the use of offshore funds for the financing of domestic expenditures; and reduce the extent to which public expenditures exceed allocations; (2) has ceased diverting and misusing United States assistance, and has paid all amounts owed to the local currency accounts (established pursuant to the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954) for the shortfalls in its payments for the fiscal years 1983 and 1984; and (3) is making significant progress toward— (A) permitting all political parties to freely organize, assemble, and disseminate their views as provided for by the Liberian constitution; (B) respecting constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press and freedom of speech; (C) maintaining the independence of the legislative branch in accordance with the Liberian constitution; (D) establishing and maintaining an independent judiciary; (E) providing full access to all political prisoners by internationaly respected human rights organizations for the purpose of investigating human rights abuses; (F) improving the human rights situation; and (G) satisfying Liberia's undisputed debts to United States citizens. (b) None of the funds appropriated in this Act shall be obligated or expended for Liberia except as provided through the regular notification procedures of the Committees on Appropriations. (c) The requirements of this section are in addition to any other statutory requirements applicable to assistance for Liberia. RECIPROCAL LEASING

SEC. 552. Section 61(a) of the Arms Export Control Act is amended by striking out "1988" and inserting in lieu thereof "1989". LIMITATION ON DEFENSE EQUIPMENT DRAWDOWN

SEC. 553. Defense articles, services and training drawn down under the authority of section 506(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, shall not be furnished to a recipient unless such articles are delivered to, and such services and training initiated for, the recipient country or international organization not more than one hundred and twenty days from the date on which Congress received notification of the intention to exercise the authority of that section: Provided, That if defense articles have not been delivered or services and training initiated by the period specified in this section, a new notification pursuant to section 506(b) of such Act shall be provided, which shall include an explanation for the delay in furnishing such articles, services, and training, before such articles, services, or training may be furnished.

22 USC 2796.