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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2316

PUBLIC LAW 100-478—OCT. 7, 1988 phant ivory and to provide for the conservation of the African elephant. (9) There is no evidence that sport hunting is part of the poaching that contributes to the illegal trade in African elephant ivory, and there is evidence that the proper utilization of well-managed elephant populations provides an important source of funding for African elephant conservation programs.

16 USC 4203.


It is the policy of the United States— (1) to assist in the conservation and protection of the African elephant by supporting the conservation programs of African countries and the CITES Secretariat; and (2) to provide financial resources for those programs.

Research and development. 16 USC 4211.



(a) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary may provide financial assistance under this part from the African Elephant Conservation Fund for approved projects for research, conservation, management, or protection of African elephants. (b) PROJECT PROPOSAL.—Any African government agency responsible for African elephant conservation and protection, the CITES Secretariat, and any organization or individual with experience in African elephant conservation may submit to the Secretary a project proposal under this section. Each such proposal shall contain— (1) the name of the person responsible for conducting the project; (2) a succinct statement of the need for and purposes of the project; (3) a description of the qualiHcations of the individuals who will be conducting the project; (4) an estimate of the funds and time required to complete the project; (5) evidence of support of the project by governmental entities of countries within which the project will be conducted, if such support may be important for the success of the project; and (6) any other information the Secretary considers to be necessary or appropriate for evaluating the eligibility of the project for funding under this title. (c) PROJECT REVIEW AND APPROVAL.—The Secretary shall review each project proposal to determine if it meets the criteria set forth in subsection (d) and otherwise merits assistance under this title. Not later than six months after receiving a project proposal, and subject to the availability of funds, the Secretary shall approve or disapprove the proposal and provide written notification to the person who submitted the proposal and to each country within which the project is proposed to be conducted. (d) CRITERIA FOR APPROVAL.—The Secretary may approve a project under this section if the project will enhance programs for African elephant research, conservation, management, or protection by— (1) developing in a usable form sound scient^c information on African elephant habitat condition and carrying capacity,