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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2358

PUBLIC LAW 100-485—OCT. 13, 1988 "(vii) resides in an area of the State where the program is not available; "(D) that, in the case of a family eligible for aid to families with dependent children by reason of the unemployment of the parent who is the principal earner, subparagraph (C)(iii) shall apply only to one parent, except that, in the case of such a family, the State may at its option make such subparagraph inapplicable to both of the parents (and require their participation in the program) if child care in accordance with section 402(g) is guaranteed with respect to the family; "(E) that— "(i) to the extent that the program is available in the political subdivision involved and State resources otherwise permit, in the case of a custodial parent who has not attained 20 years of age, has not successfully completed a high-school education (or its equivalent), and is required to participate in the program (including an individual who would otherwise be exempt from participation in the program solely by reason of subparagraph (C)(iii)), the State agency (subject to clause (ii)) will require such parent to participate in an educational activity; and "(ii) the State agency may— "(I) require a parent described in clause (i) (notwithstanding the part-time requirement in subparagraph (C)(iiiXID) to participate in educational activities directed toward the attainment of a high school diploma or its equivalent on a fulltime (as defined by the educational provider) basis, "(II) establish criteria in accordance with regulations of the Secretary under which custodial parents described in clause (i) who have not attained 18 years of age may be exempted from the school attendance requirement under such clause, or "(III) require a parent described in clause (i) who is age 18 or 19 to participate in training or work activities (in lieu of the educational activities under such clause) if such parent fails to make good progress in successfully completing such educational activities or if it is determined (prior to any assignment of the individual to such educational activities) pursuant to an educational assessment that participation in such educational activities is inappropriate for such parent; "(F) that— "(i) if the parent or other caretaker relative or any dependent child in the family is attending (in good standing) an institution of higher education (as defined in section 481(a) of the Higher Education Act of 1965), or a school or course of vocational or technical training (not less than half time) consistent with the individual's emplo3niient goals, and is making satisfactory progress in such institution, school, or course, at the time he or she would otherwise commence participation in the program under this section, such attendance may constitute satisfactory participation in the pro-